Institute for Postgraduate Studies

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Management Skills Development Center

    The Management Skills Development Centre has long experience and traditions in postgraduate training in the following areas:


1. Global Management and Leadership 
2. Economics and Management of Water Sector 
3. Law 
4. Mediation (non-judicial means of dispute resolution) 
5. State Administration and Insurance Law                           
6. Public and Local Administration
7. Foreign Trade and International Law
8. International Management and International Business
9. International Economic Relations and Customs Policy
10. Marketing, Advertising and Business Communications 
11. International Tourism 
12. Economics of Transport 
13. Company Business and Management
14. Property Management 
15. Industrial Energy Management Organizer of the Security Business
16. Management of Energy Projects
17. International Insurance and Insurance Management  
18. Advertising Management 
19. Management of Company Security 
20. Bank Security 


1. Courses in Information Security (initial training in the Protection of Classified Information; documentary security of classified information security and data protection).  

Competitive advantages

       Important advantages of the Centre for International Economics, Policy and Law are:

  • following high academic standards, combined with practical curricula
  • diversification of methods and forms of training
  • individual approach to the client
  • quality service to graduates
  • flexibility and continuity in the management approaches.


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