Institute for Postgraduate Studies

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Training with Vouchers


    IPS at UNWE is an approved institution to provide training with vouchers under OP “Human Resources Development" 2007-2013. Under this program, company employees or self-employed persons can apply to improve their qualifications or to retrain in a profession or key competencies of their choice.

    Professional qualifications and key competencies, on which candidates that are approved and to which are issued vouchers can be trained in IPS at UNWE.

  • Financier (banking, insurance and social security case)
  • Computer Operator
  • Economist-Informatics
  • Economist (Economics and Management)
  • Office Manager
  • Office Secretary
  • Associate in Business Services
  • Associate in Small and Medium Business
  • Clerk
  • Supplier
  • Treasurer 
  • Native Language Communication
  • Communication in Foreign Languages
  • Digital Competence
  • Ability to Learn
  • Initiative and Entrepreneurship